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Do you have a question about using Patient Portal? Or wondering how to receive a copy or transfer your medical records? If so, please visit the TPMG Patient FAQ’s page. 

COVID- 19 Update: 5/24/2021

While the restrictions for masks are being lowered for certain locations, masks are still required to be worn in all healthcare settings, including doctor’s offices, hospitals, and inpatient rehabilitation centers. For the health and safety of our patients and employees, we at TPMG ask that you abide by this regulation and continue wearing a mask inside and outside any of our TPMG facilities, regardless of your vaccination status. 

For more information on the latest COVID-19 updates, and mask regulations, please visit the Virginia Department of Health:

TPMG strives to provide the best quality patient care; however, there are times when concerns need to be brought to our attention.

If you have a concern about any TPMG office or staff member, please contact the office manager at that location first. Our office managers are available to assist you with issues that you may have regarding their office and/or service. Please give them the opportunity to correctly address any of your concerns.

If you need additional assistance with your concern, please email our patient advocate at, or call (757) 232-8855.

We appreciate the time you have taken to reach out to us so that we may make every effort in improving the quality of care that TPMG patients have come to trust and expect.

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