Local Imaging Price Comparison

At TPMG, our commitment to our patients to provide excellent care extends to helping you make informed healthcare decisions. However, we also understand that you cannot make an informed healthcare decision without ease of access to transparent pricing. To help reduce the stress associated with healthcare costs, we have collected pricing information from other healthcare systems in the Tidewater area to help you compare the prices for their services versus our pricing.

At TPMG, imaging testing utilizing Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Ultrasound, Mammography, X-Ray, and Bone Density is billed as a global charge. A global charge is an all-encompassing charge that includes the cost of an imaging test and the reading of images. If you receive imaging services at a health system that does not bill a global charge, you may be subject to a facility or radiology fee.

  • Facility fee – an additional charge that may be added to a medical bill when visiting a hospital-based facility. TPMG does not charge facility fees.
  • Radiology fee – an additional charge that may be added to a medical bill when having radiology services performed at a hospital-based facility, and the reading of studies/tests is performed by an external company or radiologist. TPMG does not charge a radiology fee.

To make an appointment at a TPMG Imaging and Breast Center or if you have additional questions regarding TPMG imaging costs, please call (757) 873-0848. If your physician or healthcare provider has ordered a test that is not listed, please call our office for further information and to verify pricing.

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CT Scan Cost Comparison

Description of ServicesTPMG Global ChargeRiverside Health SystemSentara
70450CT Head/Brain w/o Dye$555.00$1,725.00$2,408.00
70460CT Head/Brain w/Dye$730.00$1,741.56$2,768.00
70470CT Head/Brain w/o & w/Dye$868.00$2,198.84$3,183.00
70480CT Orbit/Ear/Fossa w/o Dye$845.00$2,188.00$2,611.00
70481CT Orbit/Ear/Fossa w/Dye$982.00$1,788.12$2,939.00
70486ct sinus w/o contrast$715.00$1,512.00$2,465.00
70487ct maxillofacial w/Dye$864.00$1,715.05$2,834.00
70490ct soft tissue neck w/o dye$709.00$1,800.26$1,164.00
70491ct soft tissue neck w/dye$850.00$1,790.12$1,908.00
70492ct soft tissue neck w/o & w/dye$1,030.00$2,005.63$3,379.00
70496ct angiography, head$1,640.00
70498ct angiography, neck$1,647.00
71250ct chest w/o dye$740.00$2,795.00
71260ct chest w/dye$868.00$3,210.00
71270ct chest w/o & w/dye$1,072.00$3,509.00
71275ct angiography, chest$1,455.00
72125ct cervical spine w/o dye$726.00$2,484.13$2,901.00
72128ct thoracic spine w/o dye$724.00$2,040.94$2,901.00
72130ct thoracic spine w/ & w/o dye$1,057.00$2,431.08$3,833.00
72131ct lumbar spine w/o dye$350.00$1,895.34$2,901.00
72133ct lumbar spine w/ & w/o dye$1,180.00$2,400.86$3,833.00
72192ct pelvis w/o dye (Per Dx Specify No Oral or w/oral contrast)$689.00$1,904.00$2,532.00
72193ct pelvis w/dye (per dx specify no oral or w/oral contrast)$824.00$2,095.25$2,910.00
72194ct pelvis w/o & w/dye (per dx specify no oral or w/oral contrast)$1,050.00$2,315.00$3,346.00
73200ct upper extremity w/o dye$687.00$1,565.00$2,338.00
73201ct upper extremity w/dye$824.00$1,780.35$2,686.00
73700ct lower extremity w/o dye$688.00$1,899.99$2,338.00
73701ct lower extremity w/dye$829.00$1,690.00$2,686.00
73706ct angio lwr extr w/o & w/dye$1,326.00$2,116.99$3,087.00
74150ct abdomen w/o dye (per dx specify no oral or w/oral contrast)$695.00$1,690.00$2,575.00
74160ct abdomen w/dye (per dx specify no oral or w/oral contrast)$924.00$2,336.00$2,963.00
74170ct abdomen w/o dye & w/dye (per dx specify no oral or w/oral contrast)$1,209.00$2,470.12$3,410.00
74174ct angiography abd/pelvis w/o and w/contrast$1,400.00
74175ct angio abdom w/o & w/dye$1,348.00
74176ct abdomen and pelvis w/o contrast (per dx specify no oral or w/oral contrast)$705.00$3,249.44$5,233.00
74177ct abdomen and pelvis w/contrast (per dx specify no oral or w/oral contrast)$1,107.00$3,832.00$6,016.00
74178ct abdomen and pelvis w/ and w/o contrast (per dx specify no oral or w/oral contrast)$1,401.00$3,755.01$6,919.00
G0297low dose ct scan for lung cancer screening$627.00$754.00

MRI Cost Comparison

Description of ServicesTPMG Global ChargeRiverside Health SystemSentara
70540mri orbit/face/neck w/o dye$1,425.00$2,357.85$3,646.00
70542mri orbit/face/neck w/dye$1,705.00$2,319.13$4,196.00
70543mri orbit/face/neck w/o & w/dye$2,535.00$4,293.14$5,242.00
70544mr angiography head w/o dye$1,507.00
70547mr angiography neck w/o dye$1,504.00
70549mr angiography neck w/o & w/dye$2,446.00
70551MRI brain w/o dye$1,460.00$1,993.89$4,438.00
70552mri brain w/dye$1,755.00$2,352.39$2,352.39
70553mri brain w/o & w/dye$2,500.00$4,589.74$6,058.00
72141mri cervical spine w/o dye$1,420.00$2,509.89$3,390.00
72142mri cervical spine w/dye$1,770.00$2,352.39$3,897.00
72146mri thoracic spine w/o dye$1,545.00$2,389.17$3,390.00
72148mri lumbar spine w/o dye$1,490.00$2,389.17$3,390.00
72156mri cervical spine w/o & w/dye$2,305.00$4,868.89$5,547.00
72157mri thoracic spine w/o & w/dye$2,300.00$4,361.74$5,620.00
72158mri lumbar spine w/o & w/dye$2,270.00$4,868.89$5,620.00
72195mri pelvis w/o dye$1,430.00$1,941.79$3,156.00
72196mri pelvis w/dye$1,586.00$2,326.40$3,156.00
72197mri pelvis w/o & w/dye$2,245.00$4,303.53$5,367.00
73218mri upper extremity w/o dye$1,431.00$2,215.70$2,831.00
73220mri upper extremity w/o & w/dye$2,200.00$5,173.15$3,742.00
73221mri joint upper extremity w/o dye$1,355.00$2,540.23$3,276.00
73222mri joint upper extremity w/dye$1,675.00$2,319.12$3,767.00
73223mri joint upper extremity w/o & w/dye$2,200.00$4,293.14$5,285.00
73718mri lower extremity w/o dye$1,406.00$2,587.95$3,276.00
73720mri lower extremity w/o & w/dye$2,200.00$4,947.35$4,333.00
73721mri joint of lower extremity w/o dye$1,377.002,541.15$3,276.00
73722mri joint of lower extremity w/dye$1,675.00$2,319.12$3,767.00
73723mri joint lower extremity w/o & w/dye$2,530.00$4,293.14$5,061.00
74181mri abdomen w/o dye$1,480.00$2,326.40$2,755.00
74182mri abdomen w/dye$1,740.00$2,326.40$3,169.00
74183MRI abdomen w/o & w/dye$2,515.00$4,303.53$4,838.00
77049mri breast c-+ w/cad bi$2,283.00
77059mri, both breasts$2,283.00$4,268.19$3,672-$4,968

Ultrasound Cost Comparison

Description of ServicesTPMG Global ChargeRiverside Health SystemSentara
76536us soft tissue head and neck, thyroid, parathyroid, parotid$281.00$570.89$407.00
76642us breast limited unilateral$219.00$509.29$1,074.00
76645us exam, breast(s)$232.00$368.19$1,074.00
76700us exam, abdom, complete$348.00$985.15$1,292.00
76770us retroperitoneum aaa renal/aorta$333.00$1,128.00
76830transvaginal us, non-ob$305.00$867.00
76856us exam, pelvic, complete$307.00$789.00$1,096.00
76870us exam, scrotum$304.00$589.55$759.00
76881ultrasound, complete joint$282.00$498.96$1,023.00
93880extracranial study us carotid study$627.00
93970extremity study venous bilateral$640.00
93971extremity venous study, unilateral or limited$424.00
93975renal arteries u/s$961.00

Mammography Cost Comparison

Description of ServicesTPMG Global ChargeRiverside Health SystemSentara
77065mammography diagnostic w/cad unilateral$299.00$442.87$497.00
77066mammography diagnostic w/cad bilateral$380.00$567.48$605.00
19081stereo breast bx clip placement imaging 1st lesion$1,664.00
76942u/s guide for needle placement$470.00
G0279diagnostic digital breast tomo unilateral or bilat$139.00

X-Ray Cost Comparison

Description of ServicesTPMG Global ChargeRiverside Health SystemSentara
70110x-ray exam of jaw, complete min 4 views$109.00
70150x-ray exam of facial bones, complete min 3 views$108.00
70160x-ray exam of nasal bones$81.00
70210x-ray exam of sinuses, less than 3 views$76.00
70220x-ray exam of sinuses, complete min 3 views$99.00
70250x-ray exam of skull, less than 4 views$96.00
70260TCx-ray skull min 4 views TC$73.00
70360x-ray exam of neck, soft tissue$69.00
71045x-ray exam, chest 1 view$61.00$333.00
71046x-ray exam, chest 2 views$82.00$417.00
71047x-ray exam, chest 3 views$98.00$522.00
71048x-ray exam, chest 4/more views$118.00$654.00
71100x-ray exam of ribs 2 views unilateral$86.00
71101x-ray exam of ribs/chest pa min 3 views$100.00
71111x-ray exam of ribs/chest$132.00
71110x-ray exam of ribs bilateral 3 views$129.00
71120x-ray exam of breastbone$83.00
72020x-ray exam of spine single view$60.00$186.00
72040x-ray exam of neck spine 2 views$93.00$235.00
72050x-ray exam of neck spine 4 views$132.00$447.00
72052x-ray exam of neck spine w/oblique$165.00
72070x-ray exam of thoracic spine 2 views$86.00
72081x-ray spine for scoliosis eval 1 view$96.00
72082x-ray spine for scoliosis eval 2 or 3 views$154.00
72083x-ray spine for scoliosis eval 4 or 5 views$167.00
72084x-ray spine for scoliosis eval minimum of 6 views$199.00
72100x-ray exam of lower spine, 2 or 3 views$98.00
72110x-ray exam of lower spine, 4 or more views$150.00$836.00
72114x-ray exam of lower spine, complete including bending views$180.00
72170x-ray exam of pelvis$66.00
72200x-ray exam sacroiliac joints$73.00
72220x-ray exam of tailbone$75.00
73000x-ray exam of collar bone/clavicle$70.00
73010x-ray exam of shoulder blade$72.00
73030x-ray exam of shoulder min 2 views$76.00
73050x-ray exam of shoulders bilateral w/wo weight distraction$90.00
73060x-ray exam of humerus$74.00
73070x-ray exam of elbow, 2 views$68.00
73080x-ray exam of elbow, complete min 3 views$87.00
73090x-ray exam of forearm$69.00$521.00
73100x-ray exam of wrist 2 views$142.00
73110x-ray exam of wrist complete min 3 views$85.00
73120x-ray exam of hand, 2 views$136.00
73130x-ray exam of hand, 3 views$78.00
73140x-ray exam of finger(s)$73.00
73501x-ray hip w/pelvis 1 view unilateral$74.00$278.00
73502x-ray hip/pelvis 2-3 views$102.00$396.00
73503x-ray hip/pelvis minimum of 4 views$128.00$472.00
73521x-ray hips w/pelvis bilateral 2 views$99.00$496.00
73522x-ray hips w/pelvis bilateral 3-4 views$121.00$496.00
73551x-ray femur 1 view$69.00$528.00
73552x-ray femur minimum 2 views$80.00$528.00
73560x-ray exam of knee, 1 or 2 views$144.00
73562x-ray exam of knee, 3 views$86.00$530.00
73564x-ray exam, knee, 4 or more views$112.00
73565x-ray exam of knees, bilateral standing$95.00
73590x-ray exam of lower leg$69.00
73600Ankle, AP/lat$68.00
73610x-ray exam of ankle, complete$78.00
73620foot, 2 views$132.00
73630Foot 3 views$154.00
73660x-ray exam of toe(s)$69.00
74018x-ray exam abdomen 1 view$69.00$438.00
74019x-ray exam abdomen 2 views$84.00$495.00
74021x-ray exam abdomen 3/more$98.00$686.00
74022x-ray exam series, Abdomen & chest$123.00
77075x-rays, bone survey complete$254.00
Bone Density

Bone Density Test Cost Comparison

Description of ServicesTPMG Global ChargeRiverside Health SystemSentara
77080Dexa, Bone Density$233.00$931.00

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