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Williamsburg Geriatrics & Lifestyle Medicine is pleased to provide excellent preventative care to the young and the young at heart. In addition to preventative care, we also provide treatment for chronic disease, including diabetes, hypertension, dementia, high cholesterol, asthma, and obesity. Dr. Sarita Golikeri has been providing care to adults in the Williamsburg area for nearly a decade, and we are thrilled to announce the expansion of our services to include obesity and weight management programs. These programs are designed to promote healthier eating habits and provide accountability to ensure ongoing success. Nutrition and virtual cooking courses are also offered throughout the year. In these classes discover how culinary medicine practices can improve  your health and wellness. She also shares tips and tricks to stretch your dollar further, while still packing in nutrients and flavor into every dish. If you are interested in signing-up for one of her cooking classes, please contact the office.

Treatments and Services:

    •  Asthma
    • Dementia
    • Diabetes
    • Hypertension
    • High Cholesterol
    • Chronic Disease Management
    • Obesity and Weight Management


Preparing for your office visit:

A referral is not required for a primary care provider; however, a referral may be required by your insurance for weight management.

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your first appointment. You will need to bring your most recent insurance cards and photo identification. If someone has a Power of Attorney for your medical care, please bring appropriate documentation with you to your first appointment.

About Dr. Sarita Golikeri:

Dr. Golikeri is board certified in culinary medicine through the Tulane School of Medicine Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine. As a culinary medicine specialist, Dr. Golikeri consults with patients on the management and prevention of conditions like diabetes and high cholesterol through diet and nutrition. Read More About Dr. Golikeri Here


“Hi my name is John C Smith, and I am a member of the Lean Md program. I started the program in January 2021. The program has been a life changing experience for me and my family. The Lean MD products was a game changer for me. When I started the program I weighed in at 290lbs. I reached my goal of 250 lbs in April 2021. Dr. Golikieri and her staff were very helpful and supportive. The Lean MD program requires discipline, so you have to want to do it for your self. It’s worth it . I did it for myself, but my family is also reaping the benefits of my weight loss. Also my type 2 diabetes is under control and my blood pressure is at an all time low. My primary care physician has adjusted my meds and hopefully he can start taking me off some of the medications soon.”

“I’ve been over weight for as long as I can remember… at least since early grade school. My weight has always fluctuated over the years and I’ve tried nearly every diet out there. Now in my mid 40’s, I was determined to take control over my health. I wanted to live a long and healthy life and enjoy every minute of my future. In 2019 I began talking to my primary care physician about weight loss options. On my own, I attempted to take control myself and was mildly successful, then the pandemic hit and it all went down the drain. In the summer of 2020 my physician started me on a proper plan. I now take recommended vitamins and supplements; I portion out my foods, eating 3 meals a day with 3 small snacks, every 2-3 hours; I get up and walk on breaks at work; I’ve got a treadmill routine consisting of a one hour walk five days a week; my husband and I take a local trail walk once a week; I’ve incorporated a light weight lifting routine; I have weekly meetings with my weight loss coach, which helps me stay on track and make adjustments to my routines as necessary; and I use different sources for tracking my calorie, carbohydrate, and water intake. To date, I’ve lost over 75 pounds in just over 8 months with a medically supported plan. I feel happier, more energized, determined, and most of all confident in my future.”

“Last Spring, I had major surgery, which was successful, and also resulted in a weight loss of approximately 25 pounds. I now had a 25 pound “head start” in my goal to lose weight, but I had tried to lose weight on my own in the past with terrible long-term results, so I knew I needed a system with structure that was also medically proven and physician supervised. I began looking around for a local in-person option and I found the “LeanMD” program run by Dr Golikeri.  The in-person instruction on what foods to eat and what not to eat, how to get your metabolism into ketosis so that weight loss is more rapid and most importantly, how to keep the weight from returning.  Dr. Golikeri has also sponsored several virtual cooking classes to show you different foods that are good for you and your diet and get you out of your comfort zone. I have been very pleased with my weight loss results with the LeanMD program.  It is not a miracle pill, rather a system that with steady work, will help you lose weight.”

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