After Hours Care

TPMG After Hours Care Clinic opened January 2012 in order to offer patients medical care after normal business hours and weekends.

TPMG After Hours Care serves patients who need care outside of a physician’s normal workday hours. The facility offers the care of a family medicine practice. After Hours Care also provides care for sprains, lacerations, acute injuries and illnesses as well as offering x-ray and EKG services. Our staff will also provide visit information to the patient’s primary physician for follow-up care.

Please note that After Hours Care Clinic is not an Urgent Care facility, and is not equipped to see patients with serious issues such as those who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents, or patients with dizziness and/or chest pain. If you are experiencing a serious issue, please contact 911, or report to the nearest emergency room or urgent care facility. Non-TPMG patients with routine lab work or any worker’s compensation issues should also see their primary care provider, as After Hours Care Clinic does not provide patients with these services.
If you should have any questions about what services After Hours Care Clinic provides, please contact the office at (757) 223-4118.

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