Hospital medicine is a type of practice within internal medicine in which the clinical focus is caring for hospitalized patients.
The discipline of hospital medicine grew out of the increasing complexity of patients requiring hospital care and the need for dedicated clinicians to oversee their management. The hospitalist model supplanted the traditional method of caring for hospitalized patients, which was often done by clinicians also seeing ambulatory patients or with other clinical obligations that limited their ability to provide the intensity of care usually required by these patients. By focusing their practice on this specific group of patients, hospitalists gain specialized knowledge in managing acutely ill patients and can provide high-quality, evidence-based, and efficient patient and family-centered care in hospital settings.
An important aspect of hospital medicine is the ability to collaborate and communicate with other physicians providing longitudinal care to ensure continuity between inpatient and ambulatory settings.
TPMG Hospitalists provide care at Mary Immaculate Hospital in Newport News and DePaul Hospital in Norfolk.