Hand Surgery

The structure of the hand is a complex network of bones, nerves, and tendons working together to enable the hand to function with ease in everyday activities. When these structures are injured and everyday activities become painful or difficult to complete, a doctor specializing in the care of the hand, wrist, and forearm can step in to help.

Specializing in the surgical treatment of the hand, wrist, and forearm, hand surgeons are experts in the treatment process for various medical conditions that affect these areas of the body. Hand surgeons routinely provide treatment for conditions such as carpal tunnel, trigger finger, sports injuries, jammed and broken fingers, sprained and broken wrists, arthritis, and more. These medical doctors have received additional training in the treatment of hand problems that goes beyond the requirements of their board certification in orthopedics. This training includes an additional year in a fellowship program after residency focusing on evaluation and treatment of hand conditions. Some hand surgeons even further their expertise by obtaining a Certificate of Added Qualification in Surgery of the Hand (CAQSH). The CAQSH credential after a hand surgeon’s name attests to the dedication and experience of a surgeon to handle complex conditions and injuries of the hand and wrist with ease.

The TPMG Orthopedics division offers surgical and non-surgical care of the hand, wrist and upper extremity at locations in Newport News and Williamsburg. Nicholas A. Smerlis, MD, FAAOS, CAQSH is a highly trained board certified Orthopedic hand surgeon with over a decade of experience and extensive training through a hand surgery fellowship and continued medical education to maintain his Certificate of Added Qualification in Surgery of the Hand (CAQSH). Dr. Smerlis provides exceptional care for a wide variety of hand, wrist, and elbow problems.

The physicians within the TPMG Orthopedics division have received extensive training in General Orthopedics, Hand Surgery, Foot and Ankle Surgery, Surgical and Non-Surgical Spine Care, and Sports Medicine. TPMG Orthopedic Specialists in Williamsburg and Newport News are experienced in the treatment and care of common conditions and injuries of the weekend warrior including sprained ankles and plantar fasciitis, as well as complex surgical procedures to include partial and total ankle replacement, rotator cuff shoulder surgery, knee and hip replacements, and spine surgery.

Source: American Society of Surgery of the Hand

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