Sleep Medicine

Sleep Medicine is a medical subspecialty devoted to the diagnosis and therapy of sleep disorders. It is an exciting and challenging integrative field covering much of the human body including the pulmonary, endocrine, respiratory, muscular and nervous systems. Board-certified sleep medicine physicians (BCSMPs) specialize in the clinical assessment, physiologic testing, diagnosis and management and prevention of sleep disorders. They manage patients of any age and use multidisciplinary approaches to treat many disorders, including:

  • Sleep related breathing disorders
  • Insomnia
  • Hypersomnia
  • Circadian rhythm disorders
  • Parasomnias
  • Sleep related movement disorders

Sleep disorders are widespread and can have significant consequences for affected individuals as well as economic and other consequences for society. Treating patients with sleep disorders involves an intriguing blend of physiology, neurology and psychiatry in patients of all ages. Left untreated, sleep disorders increase the risk of chronic medical problems such as obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, depression and stroke. These health risks are reduced through effective behavioral, pharmacological and medical treatments. Source: American Academy of Sleep Medicine

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