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Weight Management with Dr. Sarita Golikeri, MD, ABOM, CCMS

Weight Management with Sarita Golikeri, MD, ABOM, CCMS

TPMG Williamsburg Geriatrics & Lifestyle Medicine is now offering two weight management programs designed to promote healthier eating habits and provide accountability with personalized coaches to ensure ongoing success. Certified in obesity medicine, Dr. Sarita Golikeri is highly trained in the evaluation and treatment of bariatric patients. This advanced education assures patients that a physician has received the training, experience, and in-depth knowledge of obesity medicine to improve patient outcomes. Additionally, she is also certified in culinary medicine – an emerging field of medicine that seeks to prevent and manage chronic disease through cooking and lifestyle modifications.

Lean MD

Dr. Golikeri has partnered with Lean MD, a physician-led weight loss program designed to provide an easy, built-in system of accountability and support, plus tools and techniques to help you achieve sustainable weight loss goals. This includes weekly check-ins through group mentoring, access to a customized dashboard, medication management, supplements, and a biometric scale to track your results. Discover fresh ideas to make food enjoyable and daily challenges to help meet your goals. As you continue the program, you’ll learn new eating habits, gradually adapt to a healthier lifestyle, and taper off from medications. In terms of time commitment – there is a loss, sustain, and maintain phase which varies from patient to patient. Enjoy convenient, personalized visits, and remote weight loss monitoring – all from the comfort of your own home.

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*Now through Dec. 31, 2021 – all WJCC employees receive 20% off LeanMD subscription.* 


Dr. Golikeri has also partnered with Optavia, a meal replacement program developed by dieticians, physicians, and scientists that incorporates healthy habits and clinically-proven plans to encourage long-term weight loss success.

The 5&1 plan offered by Optavia is an approach that allows your body to enter a gentle, yet effective fat burning state essential for weight loss. Patients will enjoy five smaller meals a day called “fuelings”, and one “Lean & Green” meal, which consists of cooked lean protein and veggies. The goal of this program is to break negative associations with food and sugar and get back to enjoying real whole foods. After several weeks into the program, you can customize your order based on the choices you love and what works best for your lifestyle. Each meal kit is mailed directly to the patient’s home, for added convenience and contactless delivery.

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